Welcome to our homepage!

Chairwoman's words of welcome:

First and foremost, the reader may be informed that I acted as Government Executive Advisor additionally to the intitled Expert Advisory Boards since 2008 et.seq..

All high-levelled advisory inputs have not been realized in the way that I suggested. Sometimes due to varying political interest or due to individual interests of personal goal-achievements of the cooperating partners.

Since the future of Europe is at stake, I decided to act independently. I offer counsel in German, French and English.

Hence, I allow to offer the long-term portfolios to those who would like to finally assure the ongoing success of all prepared economic-development concepts.

Therefore, I allow myself to greet you in the 18th year of the New Millennium with its high challenges for Governments' development as well as for the required efficiency of companies' processes.  In addition, I hope that you welcome my initiative to offer this independend and neutral Government Executive Counsel.

Our values:

As ususal, I kindly allow myself to point out our

values that we would like to share with you in efficient cooperation and synergy.

In the fore-ground, we foster sustained and philantrohic leadership in the New Millennium

combined with highest performances for both governments and companies.

The core of national and international economies still remains the successful work of companies, a rising consumer-market, overcoming new constraints that aim to limit our foreign trade success.

Money is not just given, but workers and employees work hard for their earnings.

Hence, it is our utmost endeavour to continously support governments and companies to

solve every newly arising challenge that would endanger the income of both governments and companies.

Fast action-plans

Our specific competence since 2008 et.seq.  - the beginning of the international financial crisis - is to respond within almost 2 days - to changed requirements. On the background of our long-term expertise, we design actualized economic-development concepts that represent the actual answer to those problems that counter-parts try to intoduce with their overall aim to weaken Europe's economy.

Our international references see under column "Services".

Our approach: Europe FIRST

Our newest solution answer to imposed new conditions from the new American President are ready to be presented for the best support of producing companies.

The current overall aim is to stabilize the European economy for the maximum.

Why? because we still have the best education and the longest experience in all relevant areas of expertise, that may not be reproduced by outer-european countries neither in the short-term nor in the mid-term.


- Trust in our continued serenity in ourselves

- Belief in our profound acquired competences of our work-forces.

- Confidence in our competitiveness

- Counting on our flexibility in managing newly imposed success-critical situations for the best.

In addition, we should benefit from the possible fact that our work-force and our Human Capital has not been as long exposed to digital leadership in comparison to foreign Human Capital.

Moreover, our belief in our historically stored learning and genetically stored experience in ourselves should strongly guide our actions. 

Therefore, after 8 years of personal pre-investment of our chairwoman - we would still like to guarantee the success of that complex endeavour to provide for

- sustained and philantrophic leadership in the New Millennium

- with successful micro-economic and macro-economic impact.

Current need for action (in German: Handlungsbedarf)

Due to the mutual interests to keep the Euro-System in Europe - for both the countries with less indebtedness as well as for the countries with higher indebtedness, we would urgently recommend to come back to our long-term prepared ECONOMIC-DEVELOPMENT- PROGRAMS :

- with the overall aim to provide for the profit of all European countries.

Call for action:

A call for action-plan could be the result of a first meeting with European responsible leaders in our lake-area. See also the column "Lectures on Demand".

The European responsible leaders - actual and future leaders - are invited to contact me, after such a long time of superordinated governmental counsel activities. The latter can be independently used in our meeting to achieve a positive Euro-Stress-Test and to achieve my goal with the heading:

"Europe first"

Therefore, we address our offer to those responsible leaders, who would like to strengthen the future of Europe

- with the overall aim to re-assure a prosperous future for the generations Z, Y, X and 55+;

- as well in the interests of international investors, asset-managers, owners and stake-holders.

Last but not least, I utmostly thank the reader for his valuable attention spent for the herein presented information.

Hence, I kindly await your thankfulness for the opportunity - that I may provide for - to transfer long-term prepared economic-portfolios into "call for action-plans" - at the right time and in the right independent place.

Sincerely yours,

Elisabeth Schiefer-Paris

Chairwoman - with national and international delegations since 2008 et.seq.

(pre-investor for all pre-implementation work since then)