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Company's history 2008 till today

Presentation of  the Government Economic Development Council

under the Leadership of

Elisabeth Schiefer-Paris

Distinguished Global Counsellor of national and international Statesmen  

   Founded in 2008 she acts according to the wishes, action plans and official delegations of German State-Secretaries, Ministers, former Vice-Chancellors and international Statesmen.  
   Her neutral and superordinated role has been accepted and appreciated by all involved economic partners of Germany – nationally-wide, european-wide as well as internationally-wide. Meanwhile, she acts as pre-investor over 8 years.  
   With her own private financing since then:

  •   she has been working on various multivariate milestones to solve the complex international financial crisis and the political crisis
  •   since almost 8 years on behalf of the European nations and on behalf of several continents.

She guided and supervised international statesmen and their governmental institutions on how to continously solve the upcoming incidences of the international financial crisis. In addition, since 2013 she also counseled ministries with special emphasis on how to keep the equilibrium of human-capital-systems under the conditions of digital leadership. Updates to the delegating officials could not be provided anymore, because the Politicians demanded her continued pre-investment of all above mentioned activities.

Hence, the actual required working items are described hereafter in the page services,  which could be envisaged to obtain a successful Management of all requirements for governments, ministries and companies.

Our extended offers would address the requirements for Universities. 
Therefore, after 8 years of personal pre-investment -

"WE CAN" still guarantee the success of that complex endeavour to provide for

- sustained and philantrophic leadership in the New Millennium

- with successful macro-economic impact.

 International Profile   

Elisabeth Schiefer-Paris  Global Government Executive Advisor  Name: Elisabeth Schiefer-Paris, German University Diploma (7 years)  in mathematatic-natural science and philosophic science. Technical University of Darmstadt.  Region of the office: Lake of Constance area, Germany.


General global- profile and expert-profile: Government Executive Counseling, practical realization of economic-development-concepts - national and international, Transformatory Management, Post-merger integration, Total Quality-Management, Education, Research and Development (R & D), Public Relations, international Project-Management,  leading of ministerial officers from Politics and Economy–also international, Role of a Chief Strategist Macro Economics and catalyst between central banks and governments, Implementation of government projects: Politics, Economy and Health. Scientific counselor of Health Foundations.

Diplomatic economic-political career and delegated Chief strategist Macro economic development and its implementation

2007 till today:Counseling of governments and government`s institutions in order to implement successful strategies and milestones that served to solve the international financial crisis. Now: with special regards to contribute to reliable equilibrium-systems of the digitally guided Human Capital. Here with special emphasis of inter-generational performance in companies

Scientific focus on: Political Economics in interaction with national economics, macro-economics and stock-exchange politics since 2007 et.seq. on the basis of applied multivariate research since 1996.

Finallly, she is an experienced author and publisher of various books on management - describing and accompagnying the historic-economic development of societies and multivariate macro-economic behaviour since 1996.