Lectures on Demand

Lectures on Demand

                                       - according to your individual choice

I. Newest lectures are available that respond directly to the newly imposed international challenges.

Title: Europe first - our long-term developed Portfolios for the development of European companies

        - with special regards to the interests of stake-holders and creative companys'


        - aiming at synergies between owners', stake-holders' and employees' interests

II. National development portfolios for the South-European and Sout-East-European countries

--- that create the required parameters demanded from Rating-Agencies, IWF and

    European Commission

III. Votality-factors for Research & Development departments

    - moderator-variables that have an effect on current research-work.

IV. Transformatory Management - concepts and experiences in automotive industries and

     automotive supplier industries

V. Overall indebtedness since 2000 - the beginning of the NEW MILLENNIUM

    - in the vigour of digital-economy improvement and growth requirements,

      world-money supply and realistic outlooks for best governmental strategies, that

      --- take into account: demografic development, climatic change and

           tax-income development

If you wish other topics to hold a lecture from us, please describe your information requirements and demands.

We create the lecture individually for you.