Management Supervision

Pre-evaluating intended company-strategies in an atmosphere of full attention for your interests.

Many high-levelled decision-makers prefer to pre-evaluate strategies that are wished from other line-managers or other key-partners.

My long-term experience and multivariate perspective would allow you to make up your mind, which strategy would lead to which effect on the success of your company and/or your career-goals.


I use management - methods in the individual meetings.

Duration: Twice 1,5 hours on a week-end. Of course, other time-arrangements are possible.

In a second session you could involve other decision-makers that you would need to achieve your defined goals - for yourself and your company.

Further steps of my support could be envisaged according to your identified process requirements.


The supervision-meetings would be held in an area with higest leisure-time value. Lake, mountains, culture.

This fact also influences best decision-making and reflection processes.

Language: If you are interested, please choose the language for our communication.

German, English or French.