Services for Companies

Medium-sized companies

Our overview of services and counsel:

I. Companies‘ successful management of the newly imposed strategies

   for foreign trade:

-  how to respond to inner-european challenges/changes

-  how to strenghten your business inspite of US-european imposed conditions

-  what could be your support to stabilize the European markets to a maximum

   and to contribute to your own strong european business-relationships


In a workshop you could have been presented our newest solution concepts that

-  would cover all financial considerations as well as the

-  strategic considerations for your continued success of your company/ies.

Our newest strategical concept could not be presented to German ministries or others due to the election-phase.

Therefore, by our herein given offer, also due to our independent role, the competition situation of politically acting ministers could be overwound.

Required information may be fluently be available from our chairwoman.

Our counseling puts stress on your company's success at first - not on the fulfillement of politically fixed agendas.

Hence, if you have trust in our long-term counsel experience for Governments and companies then contact us for this unique offer.

Further counsel items:

  -- Post-merger integration

  -- Assuring the continous improvement process

  -- Kick-up Meetings

  -- continued process supervision

Crisis-Management in case of unsolved communication problems

- due to inefficient synergy of line-responsables and their interacting teams

- to eventually existing inter-generational challenges at work between

  the generations Y, X and 55+

- in case of required improvement of intercultural communication

  problems between business-units.

If you have other requirements to respond on, feel free to contact us.

So you will be enabled to have access to our long-term development portfolios for both - companies and governments.

Of course, our confidentiality is guaranteed.

We have profound intercultural experience.

Germany- Middle-East - Asia

Germany- France

Germany- Poland

Germany- Hungaria

The language of counselling could be choosed:

Englisch, German and French