All orginal documents of the hereafter quoted references may be presented in a potential cooperation and counsel process:

Nov. 2016:

Seif social Entrepreneurship Impact & Finance:

Their CEOs wrote that they are very impressed with that outstanding performance and very important work of the Government Economic Development Council under my continued leadership since 2008 et.seq..

Oktober 2016: The German ministry of labour and social wrote: 

 We are very thankful for your presentation of the newly acting

 economy systems for the Human-Capital nowadays.

2014-2015: EU-Commissioners: They express their thankfulness that they could use our relevant social-economic and financial strategy information.

2015: The Ministry of Economics and Technology from Hessen requires more implementation work for the international and national projects.  

2010 et.seq.: Central Bankers delegate to me further implementation steps of complex solution strategies to solve the international financial crisis with

our outstanding economic development concepts.

2010: The G20-group requires more solutions stategies in cooperation with ministries of finance and ministries of economics.

2009: The G20-group wishes and orders more implementation work of my economic-development concepts.

2008-2011:The ongoing success was communicated to all participating government-parties and all involved government institutions (to be named in the course of our cooperation).

2009: The acting Vice-Chancellor thanks for further execution of my solution

         packages for the development of national and international economies. Further implementation work was explicitly wished.

2008 et.seq.: The acting State-Secretaries of the Ministry of Economics and Technology, Berlin, wished further action plans for the successful implementation of all solution packages.

This work was guided in accordance to the strategic goals of politic-economical

                    agreements between Germany and important economic partners.

                    Positive reaction of Centralbankers in 2010 – see above.  

1995 et.seq.: Continued intercultural human-interface-management in european

                    automotive supplier industries,

                    E.g.: Germany-Hungaria; Germany-Portugal. 

1992: EU-Commission-sponsoring of the implementation of transformatory

         management-systems aiming at high-quality management-systems in    

         internationally acting companies.

         The transformatory management-system was successfully evaluated in a

         medium-sized company with 6 business-units in Europe and overseas.

         This company is still well noted at Frankfurt stock-exchange